Tilly Sofia

The Royal Alchemist

I specialise in alchemising overwhelm and frustration into clarity and cash

👸 Creator of the one-and-only 'Canva for Dummies' mini-course!
🪄 Business/Tech Fairy
💌 Certified NLP Practitioner + Life Coach
⚖️ Lawyer

for the Unawakened Royals 👑

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What I do best:
Upskilling self-identified 'tech-illiterate' coaches + entrepreneurs through (1) my flagship mini-course 'Canva for Dummies' and (2) my 6-week coaching program 'Canva + Web Design for Digital Nomads'.

I have 5+ years of experience with Canva and Web Design (Squarespace, Wordpress etc), as a Brand Manager and Web Developer for multiple businesses.


Are you like many of my clients who desperately want to start a business but their fear of tech is standing in their way?

I'm on a mission to help self-proclaimed 'tech-illiterate' new coaches with upskilling themselves (with software like Canva, Squarespace, Stripe)!

Let tech be an enabler, not a barrier!

But my approach is unique in the industry: rather than selling you a fish and doing it all for you, I TEACH you how to fish, so that you can move forward in your business in the confidence that YOU have the skills to never have to splurge on relying on a professional in the long run.

Available Programs

Craft Your Own High-Ticket Offers

Go from mildly successful to WILDLY SUCCESSFUL in your business by offering high-ticket programs.

You know the theory: selling 1000 £10 offers makes you just as much as selling a £10,000 offer - but HOW do you create a £10,000 offer that actually stands out?!

You'll probably have seen offers out there that promises to help you create high-ticket offers, but they tend to be group programs.

But you see, I don't believe in that: I believe that crafting high-ticket offers is one of the most intimate things you could do with a client to build their business success, and the presence and energy generated in 1:1 sessions is crucial to crafting a high-ticket offer that feels soul-led and brings in the soulmate clients for you.

Available Programs


Trained as a lawyer, my experience as a Business & Mindset Coach for the past 3 years has earnt me the reputation of someone who strikes the perfect balance between straight-talking and clear business guidance on the one hand, and gentle, soulful empowerment on the other.

As a social impact entrepreneur who co-founded my own award-winning charity in 2018, I have trained hundreds of students in achieving their dream careers.


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